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Dr Aafreen Nizami

Physical therapist (PT)

My aim is to optimize bodily functions at the same time reducing pain and discomfort & preventing recurrence. Best physiotherapy services at your screens,


  • Physical therapist (PT)




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  • ADL training Academic training Behavioral therapy Cognitive behavioral therapy Crispiani for dyslexia and Dyspraxia NDT for cerebral palsy Neuro Physiotherapy for brain stroke, paralysis Neuro developmental therapy for cerebral palsy Neuro physiotherapy Neuro physiotherapy for paraplegia, spinal cord injury Occupational therapy for ADHD Occupational therapy for Autism Occupational therapy for cerebral palsy Occupational therapy for developmental delay Occupational therapy for dyslexia Occupational therapy for learning disability Oromotor training Orthopedic physiotherapy Parental counseling for Autism, ADHD, developmental issues etc Physiotherapy Physiotherapy for GBS Physiotherapy for Parkinson's disease Physiotherapy for ataxia Physiotherapy for back pain, lumbar spondylosis, canal stenosis, PIVD Physiotherapy for balance problem Physiotherapy for cervical spondylosis, neck pain Physiotherapy for down syndrome Physiotherapy for facial palsy Physiotherapy for frozen shoulder, tennis elbow Physiotherapy for neuropathy, myopathy, muscular dystrophy Physiotherapy for pain Physiotherapy for slip disc, PIVD, sciatica, backpain Psychological counseling Saebo glove training for hand paralysis Sensory integration treatment Speech therapy for aphasia Speech therapy for autism, ADHD Speech therapy for dysarthria Speech therapy for speech and language delay Sports physiotherapy Sports physiotherapy for ligament injury Therapy for learning disability $500

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