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Dr Nitin JL

Coronavirus hotline

I have completed my MBBS with one year internship from Dr.SMCSI Medical College Karakonam in 2019. I have served in many hospitals in Trivandrum and Kottayam.Recently I had the privilege of being a part of kerala governments COVID brigade and worked in Kerala and Mumbai on Covid duty.Seeing the rise of COVID patients and many more who are at home concerned what to do after being tested positive for COVID I am extending my skills and knowledge to ease the pain of our people. Anyone who has concern about COVID or any other lifestyle diseases ( Hypertension and diabetics ) or endocrinal disease ( Thyroid disease) can avail my online help.


  • Coronavirus hotline




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  • Those who are tested positive for COVID and have mild symptoms can be treated at home itself due to the rising number of covid patients and reduced beds in hospitals. For such people some medicines should be taken depending on other symptoms and comorbidities, above all the mental stress .For such people, can contact me and ask all your doubts and I will prescribe necessary medicines. Service available for Indians , Consultation fees Rs 100 $1

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