How to Treat Watery Eye at Home

World Sight Day is an annual awareness day held on the second Thursday of October to bring global attention to vision problems, including Watery Eye (Epiphora). This year, World Sight Day will take place on October 14, 2021, with the theme: ‘Love Your Eyes.

Watery eyes (or Epiphora) is a condition in which too many tears are produced or do not drain properly, which can be an embarrassing problem for some, especially if it looks like you are crying! It’s a treatable condition and can easily be managed at home. You can find the best online physician and get treated remotely.

What is the purpose of "water" in our eyes?

Tears are a normal function of the eyes. The water that keeps your eyes moist is a complex liquid made up of many different chemicals. The purpose of these chemicals is to kill bacteria, nourish, protect, and wash your eyes. Finally, the surface of the eye (cornea) is given the finishing touches to precisely focus the light and enable a clear view. To find out more about the mechanisms of a teary eye, talk to an expert doctor online. Book an online appointment with a doctor and get expert medical advice from home.

What causes watery eyes?

Possible causes of watery eyes include:


Tear Ducts Some people are born with underdeveloped tear ducts, and it is normal for newborns have watery eyes that resolve as the ducts develop. The most common cause is blocked or narrow ducts. Narrow ducts are the result of swelling or inflammation. When the tear glands are clogged, the tear pool cannot drain away. This increases the risk of infection, which means the eye is producing a sticky liquid. If you have a child experiencing such symptoms, talk to an expert doctor online and get treated from home

 • Overproduction of tears

Irritated eyes can produce more tears than normal eyes. There are several irritants that can affect the eye such as certain chemicals, fumes, infectious or allergic conjunctivitis, an injury to the eye, a scratch or sand particles. An inward growth of an eyelash can also cause inflammation of the eye. It is best to get your eyes checked out as early as possible. You can get a quick initial eye examination on a video call. Book an online appointment with a doctor today.

Other causes

Watery eyes can be the result of inflammation of the cornea (keratitis), an open sore on the front of the eye (corneal ulcer), stye, Bell's palsy, dry eyes, allergies such as hay fever and the use of certain medications.

Under what circumstances are watery eyes normal?

It is normal for your eyes to water when exposed to cold winds or when peeling onions. This is also due to excessive tear production, and it only takes a short time for it to resolve on its own.

How are watery eyes treated?

For mild watery eyes, an online doctor can recommend eye lubricants in drops for dry eyes and monitor the progress. Depending on the cause of the watery eyes, there are different treatment options. If irritation does not go away on its own, antibiotic therapy may be needed. Book an online appointment and consult with an ophthalmologist if you have watery eyes, sticky discharge, an eyesore or red eyes.

Surgery is also an option for watery eyes. If the tear ducts are blocked, surgery or Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) may be required to create a new duct between the bags under the eyes and into the nose. The surgeon will also probe the blocked passageway that will "open" the passage or provide an alternative route for fluid to flow.

To find out the best treatment option for you, book an online appointment with a doctor and get expert medical advice from home

What's the best way to treat watery eyes at home?

Wiping off excess tear fluid that gets on the lower eyelid and cheek with a soft, clean cloth is recommended. Wiping in a sideways motion can rub the damp skin cells on the eyelids, making them sore and irritable.

If you're experiencing stated symptoms or similar ones, connect with an online doctor today for a customized treatment plan, and you will feel better faster

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